The correct waterproofing is something so indispensable and that in most cases we take for granted that is correctly installed, but our experience has demonstrated, that lamentably it is not like that.

VIP Homes offers different types of waterproofing, all with a 10 years guarantee on material, and installation. With this we demonstrate our difference. We only work with experts that have the necessary formation and experience.

This problem does not only exist in many old constructions, but even in new builds due to the fact that the job was not carried out by specialists. We can give the solution to the problem of damp/humidity. Read more


 ·Reinforced polyurethane that guarantees the waterproofing of the terrace


Swimming pools and Algibes

 ·          Swimming pools with cracks and water leaks

 ·          Water deposits for use of drinkable water

Window boxes

To avoid that damp of the window boxes is transmitted to the rest of the housing or the terrace

 ·          Reinforced polyurethane that guarantees the waterproofing, combined with Anti-roots: Special against plants and the assault of their roots.


 ·          Showers


VIP Homes certifies a written 10 year guarantee. We are supported by the experience of qualified professionals with over 15 years of exclusive dedication on the market.

Allow that our professionals give you the correct advice