Water proof with poliurea

Water proof with poliurea Before

Water proof with poliurea Work

Water proof with poliurea After

Situation:  New development, 10 year old and apparently a quality construction, but with humidity problems.

Work: Behind, we find many surprises as start striping the terrace. The asphalt sheeting: partly broken, has several holes, does not cover the minimum requested height, and several construction mistakes. The results are very obvious.

Solution: Polyurea waterproofing as an innovated system that offers differences to traditional waterproofing with higher guarantees, A water test of 72 hours with 15 cm water height and closed up the drainages.

This system with polyurea can also be applied on interior spaces like in bathrooms.

Result: a waterproof terrace or home with no leaks nor humidity’s and a happy client