Architecture & Technical Team

Our “In House” Architect offers a wide range of services that covers the whole Technical side of the business.

Our In House Architectural services can be applied to any Home Improvement of an existing home that is being renovated, refurbished or for a New Build villa on a plot.


Architect: Borja Gavilan, registered COAC 961, young but well experienced architect that has a long and extensive experience controls and covers all needed aspects.

Technical Architect (Aparejador): When a house is being built a technical supervition is required during the construction period

Drawings: (Delineantes): Any modification or update as well as the creation a a new home can de be dsigned in house

Topographics (Topógrafo): if the plot needs to be confirmed boundaries, measurements and items on plot and area.  Very often required from authorities in order to identify a case and take further legal and technical decitions

3D drawings:  We help you visualice deeper the reality in order to open your imagination.   All in combination with creating a project for the new home construction. videos

Others: there are several services that are required and we all have in House in order to simplify the service to our client


If a New home is being built on a plot, or an existing home needs to have a certain redone then a Project is requested and could be divided into different phases depending on the needs


Pre-project:  (Ante-proyecto)

  • First off all a brainstorming of your needs
  • Receive possible pictures of models and examples from client
  • We could also offer samples and layouts that could be done
  • Once an idea is sorted out, examples would be supplied
  • Costs distribution
  • Plans that are first drafts :Interior Exterior, Plot layout
  • Specification materials
  • Plot delimitation and legalized area towards Town Hall

Project  (Projecto Básico)

  • Once the above is settled down, all info can be worked into more details
  • Specification
  • Plans: interior, exterior, plot. gardens, walls

Construction Project  (Projecto de Ejecución)

  • Project to be presented in order to build the house
  • Detailed specification
  • Calculations (technical, structure)
  • Detailed plans (Structure, plumbing , electricity, carpentry in between others)

Demolition Project  (Projecto de Demolición)

  • Of existing house or parts that are requested. Will be done in coordination with Building Licence application and previous validation confirmation.

Advantages: All Inclusive Service


With an All Inclusive Project, we will find all services and needs under one “hat”:

Architecture, Technical Team, Interior Design, Construction & Key-Turnover

Following advantages:

  • VIP Homes offers a controlled Project Management which means On Time, On Budget, with the requested Materials and Quality. The following guarantees once the contract is closed and all issues are decided and the planning accepted: Link a Video Company
    • Chosen Materials
    • Fixed and Closed Price without any changes.
    • Work will be done in the agreed planning and period
  •  Costs: Lower as we have all in house and do not have to be subcontracted nor quoted to market price. A full package can reduce the final costs without loosing quality nor services as these will re-inverted to the client directly.
  • Coordination: Avoid the classical blame, lack of interest and not team work approach. One contact person that coordinates all parties and all have the same interest. From beginning until key turnover under one hat.
  • Protection: Client is protected by an honest and reliable team that that all have the same goal, interests and are coordinated between each other
  • Technical: All technitians that need to supervise the work, during the project creation as well as during the construction phase we coordinate in house.
  • 3D Drawings: During constructions we can offer an in house service with a very fast response time any questions, updates or possible changes to original layout. Translate the abstract into tangible. videos
  • Duplicates: if different items are subcontracted, often we find duplicated work and this is directly related to the final costs.  We have the control and knowledge of existing material and can easily be reused to reduce final invoices