About us

Our construction experience in Spain as well as in Belgium over the last 10 years, has given us a strong background of the client’s needs

Even though we are a young new established company, there is a long background behind the partners.

Our team has been working for over the last 15 years in selling quality properties to very demanding European clients.

We speak the most important European languages (German, Swedish, English, Spanish,Dutch)


Miguel Ruiz Manz

Nationality: Spanish – Austrian

Languages: Spanish, English, German and Swedish

Degree: Bachelor in International Business & Marketing. Masters in Marketing

Tasks: Marketing & Sales, Project Manager

Ellen Boosten

Nationality: Belgian

Languages: Spanish, English, German and Dutch

Degree: Technical architect

Tasks: Administration, Contact to suppliers, back office

Borja Gavilán

Nationality: Spanish

Languages: Spanish, English

Degree: Architect  Registered Nr.961 COAC

Responsabilities: Technical supervition of all architectural & ingeneering projects

+ info Miguel

Born in Sweden (Malmö) 1965, where he spent his first 10 years, and has learned the essence of the Northern European culture, mentality & way of thinking. Nationalised Spanish – Austrian, lived afterwards in Madrid, where he studied and worked for over 25 years.

He has worked for several international companies in Madrid, Sweden and Germany, as well as traveling and researches in most European countries. In 1996 moved to the Costa del Sol and have worked as Marketing & Sales Manager for major developers companies, being in constant contact with foreign clients purchasing luxury off-plan properties. The importance of transmitting the abstract product to the client, is a passion and not everybody’s thing, it appears easy, but is not. His continuous contact with architects, constructors and the craftsmanship on site assuming the follow-up of the clients property, has given him a very strong construction background and a “client-needs” understanding. The clients profiles were very demanding and require a very professional approach, as well as detailed feedback. He has the ability to understand their needs and requirements, understanding their mentality and speaks the most important European languages. This experience has given him a multicultural understanding and feeling. As a personal interest he is very creative, construction passionate, quality property lover and the international ambience gives him a perfect mix. He has built and created his own smaller projects which each time got bigger and bigger over the last 10 years, approaching this, in a different way than they are done by local workers. Now is time to transmit this know-how to the market.

+ info Ellen

Born in Belgium 1972, she worked in her own Real Estate agency selling also Spanish property. The dream for many years was to come to Spain, in order to upgrade to a higher life quality. In 1995 she moved to Alicante working for a major Developer selling property to international clients traveling all over Europe promoting our products. In 2000 she decided to move to Malaga in order to settle down from traveling and approach her professional career in a more constructive way. Involved in sales for exclusive real estate companies, she has received a very sensible experience of the client’s needs, as well as the presentation of the most special properties to our clients on the Costa del Sol. The clients demand a very high level of quality, finish and presentation of the properties, which has given her this important task of understanding the clients requests. In possession of a very strong knowledge of the property market on the East Marbella side to La Cala de Mijas. Even though she is a technical architect in Belgium but with little use, in the last few years she has been involved in smaller construction projects, considering that now is the time to develop more of this hidden talent. With a passion for interior design concept, a natural instinct for decoration combined with a knowledge of the real estate market, architecture and the clients needs, makes a perfect mix to help you create your perfect home.

+ info Borja

His extensive experience in the last 20 years, comes from a life in construction & from the family business. Wide knowledge of the new technologies and innovative materials, gives modern results, adapted to current times. The need to incorporate last generation items, combined with work methods according to the needs of our clients, indicates the structure and strength we can offer.

Responsible for the whole technical department combined with the coordination of the Project Management, we control the wide team of Engineers and Technical personnel, offering all types of work. We have specialised personnel to solve any technical topic: draughtsmen,riggers engineers and architects at our service.

It takes a very creative person to plan and build, meticulously and to do things well. If this takes place in an international environment it is a perfect mix. He has created innovative ideas in several cities in Andalusia, for example the project for Teleférico in Jerez, aesthetics-beauty center in the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil) two of his more out-standing works. On the Costa del Sol all work from VIP Homes has been in his hands.





Our Partners

We find many architects, but VIP Homes concentrate on the details and the difference. We work with quality instead of quantity, and all our projects are analyzed meticulously. What do we want:- to make the difference in the area and to obtain the best results for our clients. Certainly this has a cost but it is necessary to see it as an investment in safety, legality & quality of life.

Our “In house ” team has an extremely close working relationship: Technical personnel – Project Management – Interior Design with a difference from other local companies.

We only co-operate with the best qualified and specialised persons & companies with their craftsmanship who will advise and supply us with a detailed job that we expect

Our mix gives a very complete profile and offers our clients a very strong construction background.