Pre-Purchase – Survey Certificates

To buy a property on the Costa del Sol, might seem to be an easy issue, but many surprises can be found.

Life can be very easy if we follow the legal rules, which we automatically do in other areas of our life.  Very often professional help is obtained as we ca not be experts in all areas.  In Northern Europe a property, a villa or a plot purchase follows the rules, but on the Costa del Sol, this is sadly not always the case. Here this is not always valued or considered necessary, but this is a wrong approach. Transparency in combination with Technical & Legal advice throughout the home improvement or new construction phases is highly recommended.

Why make an Pre-Inspection or Survey ?


Wrong advice creates an illegal situation obtaining an unpleasant and complicated legal situation.  On the Costa del Sol this is not always valued or considered necessary, but this is a wrong approach. Many jobs are done without any type of Technical nor Legal approach. The process should be seen as a total package, where individual items might be contracted, but not be correct.  Surprises happen more than thought with very serious consequences.

Classical examples where we can find hidden damages in built properties, plots that do not match what is being sold to, plots where can´t be built on, or what is built is not legal, and so on.

No risk:  VIP Homes can offer you a detailed report on situation and work to be done



A nice home that has previously prepared to be sold:

  • Hidden humidity’s
  • Technical default construction
  • Dangerous electrical failure
  • Not legally built or extensions that are not recognized.

To buy a plot and build

Before purchasing the plot we have to analyze what is being sold

  • Not all gold shines
  • Measurements, lines plans, neighbors in between others
  • It is advised that a technical specialized team with an Architect
  • A deep study of the project, as well as the legal situation.

Vila on a plot

If the desire is to purchase an existing house we have to verify if all is in order towards authorities:

  • measurements
  • boarders with neighbors,
  • Verification of construction, house pool others
  • Not legally built or extensions that are not recognized.
  • Can built what planed
  • Connections: water, electricity,are just some questions to be verified.

Verification needed ?


Technical & legal: The Legal side is often done with a layer, but the Technical side is not considered.  If we would like to extend or make any modifications first of all we need to know if we are up to date with authorities

All this info is a guarantee to confirm a legalized plot and all needed services that can be taken for granted, but could be a surprise if previously not controlled and investigated. 

  • Verify Technical documentation
  • Legal verification towards Authorities
  • Technical inspection on site
  • Topographic study
  • Surrounding areas
  • Connection points


Construction: Ideally is to have a technical report that analyses all areas of the home and plot in order to know what is being purchased.

A general economic planning has to be made with all costs that can come up in order to avoid surprises or unexpected costs and have to the project as lack of cash flow.

VIP Homes acts in the name of the buyer’s interest, and protects these against the selling part that has its own interests. Ideally is to have this info previous the purchase, as there is a higher guarantee and tools to pressure for a correct purchase.


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