VIP Homes, offers an exclusive “ALL INCLUSIVE” service until Key-Turnover. Fixed & closed prices with no surprises.  We invest in our clients, use high quality materials & professionals in order to guarantee and deliver a high quality job. Our Finish and client satisfaction is very high.

How it works, what we offer, & what we do for you:  

  • One contact person
  • Fixed & Closed prices
  • Fully legalized team
  • Fully licenced projects with local authorities (Building Licences)


Our technical team will inform you first about the legal technicalities with the Town Hall: where to extend, required changes, and possible construction ways. With the clients agreement we start the legal procedures.  

An architect will confirm the best technical way to build drawing up the plans and proposals and study any technical issues and possibilities in order to achieve the best solutions. Most companies rely on their workers as they have many years of experience, we go further and demand it to be done by a specialised team as well as with a more Northern European approach which is more precise and professional.    In most cases architect service is requested by law, however this is not very common to be applied or used by most companies. 


We supervise all works and jobs. We differentiate as we invest enormous time controlling the works delivered.  Quality control is not considered to be important by most local companies, and we can be proud of the time we invest in controlling and deciding how it should be done best.  We consider this priority in our job. Take nothing for granted. Just being done and finished is not good enough for us. It has to be done correctly. 


It is not considered to be an important aspect, when this is a wrong approach. Normally this is left behind but plays a mayor fact in your living environment once moved in.  Our package goes further than just the placement of furniture, colours, or without having had a previous study of materials.     Harmony should flew in the house. We take care of where and how should the different furniture / items will be placed (kitchen, living area, electrical sockets, doors, bathroom just to mention some)  in order to make daily life not only practical and functional, but homely and harmonious. Our 3D drawings will help to inspire your imagination, converting the abstract into tangible.


Our services offers an added value: on budget, on time, with the agreed specifications, quality control and Guarantees.  Our clients feel safe.   We can offer a complete technical team that can supervise from a smaller Home improvement to the construction of a complete new villa. 


Through all stages of construction, we offer stage reporting to maintain our clients up-to-date throughout the building process. Our clients receive fully up-to-dated photo & /or video reports.


A team that understands the mentality and the background thinking more than just speaking the language.

We will attend you in: English, Español, Deutsch, Nederlands, Svenska

“We build homes rather than houses”